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Introducing Gamified AI-Learning Management System (LMS), Curriculum & Robots for Students and Teachers to Learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics.

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    15% of Total Worldwide Jobs to be Displaced by Automation by 2030

    • ♦ Coders are in high demand
    • ♦ Coding improves analytical skills
    • ♦ Coding is fun and satisfying
    • ♦ Coding improves creativity
    • ♦ Coding improves problem solving
    • ♦ Coding improves teamwork


    Potential boost to global GDP from AI by 2030

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    of jobs at potential risk of automation by early 2020s

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    Potential boost to global GDP from AI by 2030

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    of workers with low education at risk of automation by mid-2030s

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    Offered Courses

    Enroll Interactive Gamified STEAM Course

    Early Stage

    STEAM Course


    STEAM Course

    Primary Level

    STEAM Course

    High Level

    STEAM Course

    Robotics &

    CS Course

    Wonders of STEAM Robots to Bloom the Creative Leaders of Tomorrow.

    Explore easy plug & Play Robots, tools, sensors to develop your kids creativity and analytical skills. Update your kids, students, teachers and school to use different types of Robotics tools and AI based Learning Management System (LMS)

    EduBlock - Coding Learning Robot

    The Edublock Experience will Help Your Loving Child Conquer The Job Sectors.The learning process is enjoyably gamified with milestones. There will be an interactive environment which prompts to complete the set of challenges to reach the next milestone. So learning will be amazing and would imprint the robotics realm and it is basics on heart. It is simply - Play Hard and Learn Easy.

    School of IoT - Box of 4IR Robotics Tools

    IoT is changing the world using just a one click of button. Your Loving young mind can learn about the latest Robotics of Things. Can literally transform your home into an amazing smart home, Smart gardening, mini weather station, IoT based Robotics & Science projects, Cloud based project and lots of experiments in one package.

    AI-LMS - AI based Learning Management System for Students & Schools

    We are offering only for your children and students to learn properly. Our software will track your students progress & KPI to keep teachers more involved in child care and educating. We offer world class curriculum, source code, robotics tools, teachers training, IDE and LMS. All of those are in one software or ecosystem.

    Programming App -
    Providing Learning Thrill through Mobile Application

    We Love to Make It Wonderful To Experience. We have enriched our app with phenomenal arrangements of awesome coding experience for kids.Exciting gamified level, challenges and leader boards to keep you engaged.

    STEAM Career

    Join as STEAM Teacher and Make Impact on Society

    To join as a Teacher you need to be an expert on a particular area and proven background. All academic teachers are very welcome to our platform to enable their lessons. Also we have an expert super teacher pool to provide training for newbie newbee STEAM teachers.


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